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Dealing with Sleep-over Friends

Hello, gorgeous!

Every once in a while, I am sure that you will have friend(s) that sleep over in your house, and somehow you can’t refuse [of course, it’s a friend!]. Especially when she/he comes from out of town. 🙂

When such a thing happen, no need to worry that your routines will be ruined or disturbed. These are the things that you can do to keep things in their place! 🙂

Accompaniment Notification

Tell you friends, before, that you might not be around all the time. Tell them about your daily activities that you can’t leave behind.

Share the Responsibility

Being a host, doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself. Share  the responsibility to clean the house, prepare dinner, serving breakfast, or other housekeeping activities.

Discuss the Plan

Ask your guest about the stay-over: how long, what places will she/he visit, how will she/he go from one place to another (the transportation means). You can even suggest the alternate places or transportation.

Explain the Rules

Every house has its own rules. You have to explain yours, to keep the situation inside the house nice and to make sure that your friend’s stay-over will not cause trouble for the neighborhood. For example: the visitation schedule, non smoking spots in the house, no walking half-naked in the house, etc.

It will also be good if you try to spend times with your visiting friends. It will be fun! ^o^





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