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Balong Waterpark – Yogyakarta

Hello gorgeous!

Meet me again, with another wet place! πŸ˜€

Now, it’s time for a place nearby. Balong Waterpark is located in Yogyakarta, I can’t describe how to get there via Blog. If you really want to know, just contact me. πŸ™‚

Consistent with the idea, Balong Waterpark has pools, full with water. It has 1 pool for kiddos, which depth is around 50cm. This kid’s pool is fun, surely. It has the huge bucket which splash water eeeverywhere when it’s full. There’s a sliding board, like 3m wide. You can also find a small sliding board, like the one you find in a park. I humbly confess that I used this facilities every time I went there. :p

And then, there’s another pool. A big one. Deep. Not to deep, actually, 1.5m. For sure, this is for adult, like me. For this one, you’ll find 2 super-ultra-sloppy sliding boards that will take you down in less than 5 seconds. And – this one, I like, the long sliding board, where you can slide like a normal human being. πŸ™‚

FYI, I can’t swim, at all. So, the only fun I get here is from sliding in group. πŸ˜€

But, for you guys, the swimmer, you’ll get double fun. Swim and slide.

This place has proper rest room and dressing room, separated for ladies and gents. It has showers and lockers. Ah, almost forgot, for the lockers, you have to pay more, IDR 3.000.

At some spot, you’ll find gazebos, near to the pool. You can rent them for IDR 10.000, no time-limit. If you are hungry, you can just go to the cafeteria. The good thing is, you can eat on the spot, even when you are still wet. Or, you can ask the waiter/waitress to deliver the food to your sitting spot or gazebo.

Balong Waterpark opens at 11am – 6pm. If you want to go there, prepare IDR 15.000 for the entrance ticket. And bring clean clothes, towel, toiletries. Plus extra money, if you want to eat on the spot. One more thing, there’s no limitation on the suit you are wearing. It means, no need to buy a swimsuit if you don’t have one. Just wear something comfortable.

Going there is always fun. Especially when we have a lot of people to go along. Try it!

Being a kid – once at a time
From the top
Prepare to slideeee
Water attaaack!






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