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Menjer Lake – Wonosobo

Hello gorgeous!

I come up with another watery place. This time, it’s a lake, Menjer Lake (Telaga Menjer). It’s located in Wonosobo, Central Java. It’s around 12km away from the center of the city. I went to this lake 5 times. A place with a beautiful scenery. True story… πŸ™‚

A waterfall-wanna-be
The lake-shore, a grass hill
The other side
Found a nice grass hill for the photo session
We’re on a cliff!

For your information, Menjer Lake is the largest lake in Wonosobo. It’s 45 meters deep. The water is covering a large area of 70 hectares. Since the lake is a part of Wonosobo, it’s kinda cold there. Imagine a lake that lies 1300m above the sea surface! :O

Here, you can just sit on the ground, enjoying the view. As the lake is surrounded by grass hill, you can walk around, finding a good spot to take a rest and take pictures. πŸ˜€

The other alternative is, to ride a boat that is available there. You have to pay IDR 5.000 – 10.000 for a tour, exploring the lake on a slow boat. But, if you are alone, you have to wait a little longer to start the journey. The boat driver always wait for the boat to be full of people before taking off. Lucky me, I went with at least 8 friends in my group. So I didn’t have to wait. πŸ™‚

Inside the boat

The whole boaaaat! [almost]
The bad thing about this lake is the myth. Old people say that if there’s a couple (let’s say lover) visiting Menjer Lake, they will break up. SOON… But, myth is myth, you can believe it, or just get rid off it from your mind.

Wholly, I like this place. And I will absolutely say yes if someone ask me to go there again. πŸ™‚







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