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12.08.2012 – Bad Dream

Hello gorgeous!

Today is Monday. Which means that it’s never be favorite day, compared with the other six days. I am an employee, waking up early in the morning after weekend is tough. 🙂

And this particular morning, is worse! I have swollen eyes. And catch a cold. Plus, light headache. Something happened last night, in my dream…

[Some of you might stop reading the rest of the post. But it’s okay, I’ll keep going anyway. Hehe..]

So, normally (for me), when I had a dream in my sleep, I dream of something weird, like my sister and I became witches, or like the other dream where I was trying to save an elephant from being killed by a Tyrannosaur-Rex. Yeah, something fun like that. So did my last night dream. This is it:

I was a secret agent. I completely forgot whom I worked for – and it’s not important anyway. I had a mission to accomplish. I had to fight another agent, the folk from the opposite side (our enemy, for instant). Before going, my father called me, telling me that my elder sister passed away. He asked me to go to the funeral. But, since I had to go for my mission, I told him that I couldn’t go at that time.

Then, somehow, I got in the middle of the fight. My rival was my friend, named Hesty. We shot each other, dodged, shot again, searched for protection, shot, over and over. until, at some point, I hit her and she hit me. I couldn’t move! I guess she was using chemical or biological weapon.

She approached me. She told me, that if I caught one more bullet of that kind, I would die in one hour. And when I died, my face would turn into another face. After that, she shot me again…

I was super sad and super angry. When I had the ability to move my body, I went back home, tried to find my family. I found no one. I called my father, and there was no answer. I sent him a message, saying that I was on my way to the cemetery, and I asked him to stay there so I could find my sister’s grave easily. I went as fast as could to the cemetery. Tried to find the grave with my father nearby. But I found nothing.

I checked my cellphone, to see how much time did i have left till my death. It was like one minute left. I saw one message in the inbox. I read it. From my father, saying:

“Hey, we are home. It’s okay if you can’t make it. I know you are busy. And no need to lie to me, saying that you’ll on your way to the cemetery. I understand.”

I cried so hard, knowing that I didn’t see my sister’s face for the last time, knowing that – somehow – I disappointed my family, and knowing that I will die with another face right after reading that message.

I kept crying, and everything went dark.

I died.

At first, I thought I was still dreaming. But then, little by little, I realized, that I was on my bed. Still crying. Crying hard. I felt super sad. I continued crying. Then stopped finally after 5 or 10 minutes. And went back to sleep.

This morning wasn’t going well for me. Because of the dream, the swollen eyes, and the sad feeling.

I drove myself to the office, and kept thinking about what I did so far in life. I really like to work. Being busy is my passion. When I get to a point where I have to choose between working and family, I will choose working. I think, I am a little bit wrong about managing priorities. Okay, sometimes, you can choose your job over your family. But, the family is important as well. You can’t always put them on the second place, and hoping that everything will be fine. Bad things happened, or will be. So, make sure that you will find a time – a proper one – to spend it with your family.




I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

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