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Bones – Series on Fox Network

Hello gorgeous!

I’m back! For now, I will write a review about one of my favorite TV series: BONES. I have just finished the 6th Season of Bones, 2 months after I started watching it. Now I have to find the 7th season, it’s out there! 🙂

At first, I am not really into this series. For me, it’s a bit exaggerating, but then, I forced myself to watch it, and I LOVE IT! I found it amusing, for sure. And I learn some life lesson from this series.

Okay, about the series itself, I’ll give you the big picture of it, before jumping to my opinions.


Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is a forensic anthropologist that works at Jeffersonian Institute. Basically, she works on bones – human bones. She is the best forensic anthropologist in the world (I have to admit that it might be true). She can identify a human being from the remains – in this case: bones. She can tell the sex of the human, the age (or at least, the age range), the time of death, the cause of death, the ethnicity, and even the profession of that person! Amazing!

One day, she helped an FBI Special Agent named Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) to solve a murder. Booth asked for her help because the victim was found in the bones form with very few flesh existed. Dr. Brennan and her team worked very well so they could prove that it was a foul play and they could collect all evidence to catch the murderer.

This success lead to another cooperation between Jeffersonian and FBI. Dr. Brennan and Booth finally become partners to solve bones-related murder.

Of course, the story is not all about murder and the effort to find just. This series also expose the personal life of Dr. Brennan, Seeley Booth, and each member of Brennan’s team. There are Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) – the forensic artist; Jack Hodgins (T. J. Thyne) – the entomologist (bug and slime guy); Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) – Brennan’s graduate student; etc. There is some change in the team, but I think you better find it out when you watch the series. 🙂

I always like this kind of movie or series; double personality, murder, psychopath, police versus bad guy, just name it! So, I really enjoy this series because it has the thing I like, the suspense, the logic, the knowledge, and of course the romance.

It was irritating somehow, because I really want Dr. Brennan and Booth being together as a couple, but their life path lead them to a way that differs from what I expected. I am sorry, I’m a woman, so I pretty much care about the romance part. I laughed while I watched Bones, since it has some small jokes inside. I cried once, when I got to the sad episode.

I took some life lesson from it, especially from the unique combination of Brennan and Booth. Brennan is radically rational woman and Booth is the type of emotional guy – not in an exaggerating way. I found explanations about some of my actions in the past, from Brennan’s thoughts (I develop my logical aspect more than the emotional one). And I found that some of my actions were wrong, from Booth’s point of view. It really helps me recovering from my wounds from the past and becoming a better person.

Like I told you before, at first, I was not really into this series. For me, examining bones and getting a thorough information from the bones are far beyond the reality. Bones was full with scientific terms, rational discussion, and ‘cold’ people, so I didn’t really enjoy it and got bored easily. So, you might have the same feeling: bored.

Hard to express the bad and the good thing about this series. I suggest you start to watch this series and make your own judgement. For me, over the boring part, Bones is good to watch, very recommended!






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