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Black Canyon Coffee – Not Bad

Hello gorgeous!

Get bored of me? My bad…

Having a huge flow of writing spirit, I proudly present: a review of Black Canyon Coffee, a cafe located in Babarsari area – still in Yogyakarta. I am currently at Black Canyon Coffee. Along with Netty (my netbook) as my accompaniment.

Two of my Sunday students cancelled their classes. So… here I am! Alone, but happy. 🙂

This is my first visit here. I heard of it before, so I was thinking… “Why not? Let’s give it a try!”

The first impression: FORMAL. Or, may I say: COLD! I wasn’t referring to the temperature. The temperature is just fine. It’s the atmosphere, gals! I like more a warm place. A homey one, to be more specific.

It consists of 2 floors. The 1st floor is non-smoking area. The 2nd one is smoking area. The place is HUGE! No kidding.

As well as the building, the menu lists are HUGE! I’m not overreacting. This is true. I got 3 bundles of menu. One for beverages, one for foods, and the last one for the newest foods and beverages. Insane.

I wasn’t hungry, so I ordered French fries and hazelnut coffee blend. The coffee was extra good! I replaced the whipped cream by ice cream  chocolate. And I love it! The fries are like another fries you can find at other places.

The price is above average. Too expensive for students’ budget. But pretty much okay for workers.

Check these pictures I took. 🙂






Overall… This place is under my expectation. Not as fun as I imagined. The price is beyond my expectation, of course. But, fortunately, they take payment with card. I’m saved.

Unless you like a quiet place that has no soul, DON’T go here. I’m sorry, Black Canyon, you are not my type… 🙂

Anyway, personally, it’s worth a try. At least, the coffee is good. The internet connection is good. So, no regret.

I really need to go out more often, finding cool places to hang out at, so I can tell you my story, and you can create yours. 🙂





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