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America’s Next Top Model – Grow Your Woman Side

Hello gorgeous!

These days, I spent my hours watching America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). I am going through Cycle 3 now. And it’s AWESOME! Well… At some point I got bored. But my excitement got back in track. 😀

So, for those who have no idea about what is ANTM. Here’s a brief description for you.

ANTM is reality television series. A number women (between 10 – 14) compete to get the title of “America’s Next Top Model”. This show is a door to bring them to modeling career. Each week, 1 girl is eliminated and has to stop their running in becoming America’s Next Top Model.

ANTM was created by Tyra Banks, talk-show host and model , who also serves as the host, head judge, and executive producer of ANTM. She is gorgeous..!

All girls in each season got various photo session challenge, such as modeling nude, wearing swimsuit, taking photo shoot with nasty animals, posing inside the water, and more! They did another activities that would help them facing the modeling industry, like doing physical exercise, learning how to walk on catwalk, learning to give self presentation, doing go-see to a number of designers, practicing self-make-up, etc.

This show is really good for me. I learned how to do different make up style, mix and match my clothes. Another thing I learned was: how to pose! #narcissistic

I wanted to tell you more about who’s in there, who is winning on each cycle I watched. But no. No spoiling, gals… You have to watch it on your own.

I have 19 cycles of ANTM, waiting to be watched. Three seasons down and 16 more to go. Have to catch up now, gals! :*
ANTM Cycle 1
ANTM Cycle 2
ANTM Cycle 3
ANTM Cycle 4
ANTM Cycle 5
ANTM Cycle 6
ANTM Cycle 7
ANTM Cycle 8
ANTM Cycle 9
ANTM Cycle 10
ANTM Cycle 11
ANTM Cycle 12
ANTM Cycle 13
ANTM Cycle 14
ANTM Cycle 15
ANTM Cycle 16
ANTM Cycle 17
ANTM Cycle 18
ANTM Cycle 19





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