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Geronimo Cafe – Go Apache!

Hello gorgeous!

Another hanging out spot is presented to you. Geronimo Cafe!

This cafe is amazing, gals! Really. If you read the title of this post, I bet some of you notice that there’s an Indian related word appears. It’s “Apache”.

Apache is a culturally related group of Native Americans. This natives originally came from the Southwest United States. Geronimo was a prominent leader of the Bedonkohe Apache who fought against Mexico and the United States for their expansion into Apache tribal lands for several decades during the Apache Wars. What a cool guy he was…

Bearing the name of the Apache rebel leader, Geronimo Cafe gives some native Americans or the Indians’ touch in the interior. Another unique thing about Geronimo is the seats and tables. They are made of ordinary things you find in daily basis that are arranged in extraordinary ways. *applauding*

What I saw from my seat
The table was made of a single wood board and coke’s crate box!
One of the unique chair. It’s a modified wall-paint bucket!
Lamp held by bottles, on an extraordinary table.
Another view of the gate in…

When I came and chose my seat (I always look for the couch first), I didn’t need to ask for the menu. Check on the last photo, behind Netty (my netbook), there’s a standing menu. It’s made of wooden blocks (to make it stands) with laminated papers of menu list.

Geronimo Cafe offers a bunch of beverages (coffee, tea, soda mix, and juice) and foods (pancake, fries, chips, steak, bacon, etc.). The price is going around IDR 10K to 40K. And you’ll get a jar of welcome snacks! Yummm…

Geronimo Cafe is located in Jalan Kartini 1C, Sagan, Yogyakarta. It’s in a quite small street, so I will give you 3 ways to get there.
1. From the junction Panti Rapih Hospital or Gajah Mada University, go to the south till you find Indraloka Homestay/i-Cafe on the left side. Then, turn left, go straight around 100 meters, and… Ta-Daaa! Geronimo Cafe status: FOUND.
2. From Ambarrukmo Plasa go to Jalan Gejayan direction (west) – a one way. The junction at the 3rd traffic light after Ambarrukmo Plasa, turn right. In this junction you’ll see Galeria Mall (I hope it makes it clearer). Go straight a bit, around 200 meters, turn right, exactly before Lembaga Indonesia Perancis (Indonesia-France Institution). Turn left on the first left-straight three-junction. Geronimo is on the right side (about 20 meters).
3. From Gramedia Bookstore traffic light, go to the north. Go straight till the second border-cut. In this border cut, make a right turn (this is where Indraloka Homestay and i-Cafe located). Go straight around 100 meters to get to Geronimo Cafe.

Geronimo Cafe opens from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. It presents live music every Tuesday and Friday. I really like this place. I love the live music nights, I love the foods and beverages, and I love that Geronimo Cafe provides wi-fi connection. :p

Well… That’s it from me. You can follow Geronimo Cafe on Twitter: @geronimocafe, to get the info updates about the events.




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