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Let’s Have A… Coffee Break

Hello, gorgeous!

I’m here again. With another blogging spot to visit.

Okay, this place is new for me. And, honestly… I am disappointed. And why is that? Because my hazelnut latte is too sweet! The smell is too strong as well. It would be good if it has the smell of coffee. But no! It’s the smell of the syrup. Argh!

The name of this place is Coffee Break. The logo is similar to Starbucks’. The place is quite nice, actually. But… Geez, the coffee is not good. It’s not too pricey though. Between 15 thousands rupiah and 20 thousands.

It’s located in Selokan Mataram area, near Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.



So, those are 2 photos I managed to capture. I lost my will to get another photo. Sorry…

All I can say about this place is that it has the mixed-coffees, like latte, mochaccino, and cappuccino. And it has some snacks as accompaniment…

The seat indoor are couches – 5 spots. Outdoor area has 2 spots of wooden chairs.

Coffee Break provides wi-fi connection, quite good. With password. And you have to ask first to get it.

Sigh, continue writing this post just to prolong it only reminds me of how bad my hazelnut latte is. So, this is it. Stop writing. And see you…!

[May 23rd, 2016] This spot is currently not operating. As a replacement, there’s another cafe, but I didn’t manage to visit it yet. 🙂





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