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Hello gorgeous…

I will start a brand new topic for this blog. The idea of creating this category started last Sunday. So, I have a new student for Bahasa Indonesia subject. We managed to get her a blog, so she would have a place to write freely. Last Sunday, I gave her a task to write about one of her family member. Suddenly, the “Aha!” moment came to my head: “Why don’t I do the same? I should write about the people I love.”

And here I am now… With a bunch of passion to write about my father. Why my father? Because he is my hero, my first love…

I will start with his background. Now.

My father was the 3rd child from 13 kids his parents had. He was born on August 16th, 1954 in Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi is a small town in East Java, at the east-end of Java island. This is where you start your journey to cross the sea from Java to Bali.

My dad!

That’s him. My first Leo male. πŸ™‚

His name is Ignatius Sumarwiadi. I call him “papa”, pretty normal. Some of my cousins call him “Papa Adi”. The people from church call him “Pak Marwi”, while his politic-world dudes call him “Ignatius”.

My father is a quiet guy. He barely talk about personal stuff, one example: his feelings.

He is a hard worker. He easily trusts people. He is a social guy. It’s a bad thing sometimes. Some of his friends were evil enough to trick him and make him go bankrupt.

He is actively involved in our church’s events or just any regular activities.

He is a choir coach of 7 choir groups – more or less.

He was a chief of school committee, while taking care of a financial cooperative.

He has hypertension, that makes him very careful in picking what to eat.

He worked as a chef in a hotel. He had a garment company – for export only. He had a car-mechanic workshop. He was a tendered contractor. He was a coconut supplier and distributor. He was in the city parliament for 5 years (we lived wealthy at that moment). He was the personal assistant of the city major.

His life was dedicated to the church, politic party, NGO, and family.

He is the decision maker in his family and in our family.

When he finally loses his patience, he roars. Lion. But it only happened once till now. πŸ™‚

He supports me my whole life. When I make a decision my mum hates, he will be the one who is there, listens to all of my defenses, arguments, reasoning, and opinions.

He was the one supporting my financial expenses when I studied in college. When I found out that on the last couple of years of that era he had no job, while he was taking responsibility to pay for my school fee, I cried.

Once my mum wasn’t agree with me going out with a guy. And on the next day, my dad called me, told me that he heard the story from my mum. And he said, “I don’t mind you are dating this guy. Just take care. I’ll talk your mum out.” Let me introduce you: the best dad, ever!

I was glad that I got to say “I love you” to my dad. And “thank you”. I might not be good enough for him. But at least I tried.

He was the reason I forced myself to (finally) finished my study in college.
He was the reason I learned harder than my brothers and sisters.
He was the reason behind my independence.

Ah, I love him. The last time I met him, he looks tired… and old… Kinda sad. But he has been through a lot of things in life. I just hope that for the rest of his life, he will live a prosperous life. A joyous one. And I hope that he will be proud of me.

Your dad might not be the one who delivered you to the world. But he is the person who teach you to be strong, show you to be tough, show you to use logic, show you to survive in life, teach you to be brave, show you how to love your family by action.

Love your dad.




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