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Yuda – My Tough Brother

Hello gorgeous!

Today you have the chance to know my brother, the first son of my mum and dad.

His name is Yuda, the short version of Marselus Yuda Dewantara. He was born on November 1st, 1986. One year younger than me. Just like another kiddos at home, he was born in Jember, our hometown.

He went to TK Siswa Rini I (kindergarten), SD Katolik Maria Fatima I (elementary school), SLTP Katolik Maria Fatima (junior high school), and SMK Negeri 1 – automotive engineering major. After graduating high school, he decided not to go to college. So my father lent him some money to start a business. He used the money for cellphone business.

The next year, he went for a holiday to Karawang, where my sister lived at that time. He stayed there for months. From this vacation, he got an insight! He finally decided to go to college. He told my sister about it. My sister talked to my parents. And voila! When he got home, he enrolled in a college preparation program (2 years ignoring all the school subject, he had to catch up!). Finally, he made it! He studied in the law faculty of Jember State University. Now he is working on his thesis.

He is a tough boy. And a hard one. Short tempered. He was always like that since we were little.

He fought a lot with Mbak Tanti (the eldest sister, remember?). They didn’t only talk back to each other, they even scratched, bit, punched, kicked. What a mess! But that was long time ago. Now, they are close to each other. Mbak Tanti  is his caretaker now.

Not only fighting against my sister, he also held a rebel against my parents. He stimulated most of the fights we had at home. But nothing serious. Mostly, the subject was about he being a badboy at school, or talking back to my parents, or ignoring my parents’ request to help with the house keeping tasks.

The weird thing about Yuda is that kids love him! Most of our cousins are waaaay younger than the kids in our family. And somehow, our cousins were attracted more to Yuda than the 4 of us. Considering his hot head, I was a bit worried at first. But it wasn’t necessary. He was really good with kids. I was impressed.

Yuda, my bro

He is a good brother, in my point of view. He is pretty talkative. When he is in a good mood, he will be a caring guy.

He is a smoker. He is a social drinker. He is a gamer (Now, since he found that online game is fun). He can play guitar and bass. He was a womanizer, but I assumed he stopped already. 🙂

When he wants something, he just speaks it up. To my parents, my sister, or me. That’s what I like. He is cool. Tough, rough, but cool. Love him, anyway! 😉

That’s all for now. It’s my lunch time now. Have to fill the tummy. Hehehe…

See you on the next post!




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