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Indra, The Male Me

Hello gorgeous!

Forcing myself to fulfill my duty here: write about the mortals wandering around in my life. This time, it’s about the male version of me. My brother. The 4th child in the family. Why did I say that he was the male version of me? You’re about to find out. 😉

My brother’s name is Indra. Herman Yosep Indra Sukmana. Pretty long name, huh?

He was born in Jember on May 15th, 1988. He is taller than me. Skinny. Has lighter skin color.



We went to the same kindergarten (TK Siswa Rini I), primary school (SDK Maria Fatima I), and junior high school (SMPK Maria Fatima). He chose the same senior high school as my elder sister: SMA Negeri 1. After graduating, he took English Teaching And Literature major in the State University of Jember. He is trying to finish his thesis now. Godspeed.

Our characters are quite similar.
At home, we are the silent kids. We don’t talk much. We do what we are asked to. Having initiative is not our strength.
We are a bit melancholic during our youth. We write our feelings instead of speaking it out.
We turn into completely different person in our community. It means, we are waaaay more talkative when we are around our friends.
We are both joining a band and earning money from it. He plays bass. I sing.
We both earn money for ourselves to release ourselves from our parents’ “chains”.
We stayed up late like suffering insomnia.
We never asked anything from our parents. We tended to wait. Or just took anything they gave, no matter we likes it or not. We never complained.

Even though we didn’t talk much to each other, or share our feelings a lot, I was unexpectedly attached to Indra. Maybe because of those similarities.

I respect him for his efforts in living his life.
I admire him for a reason I couldn’t understand.
I love him for all the things I see in him.

One thing I’m upset about is that he is introvert, even to me. I’d like to enter his mind and see his world of thought. I’m curious of how he thinks, how he feels. Does he see things like I do?

Next month I will go back home. I will see him, of course. And I already asked him to take me to Tanjung Papuma Beach, Seroyo Hill, and other nice places. I hope he’ll open up by then. 🙂

Like I mentioned before, we didn’t talk much. So, my story of him ends here. I’m about to find more. I officially make it my mission. Wish me luck, gals! And see you on the next post. *kiss*





I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

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