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Sister Marietta, The Angel…

Hello gorgeous!

Here I go again, with a story about another mortal being. If you pay attention to all of my post, you’ll probably notice that this post will be the last post about my family member. It’s all done.

Okay, so you know that my youngest sister is an angel. Why? Because 2 years ago, she finally changed her name, from Maria Rosari Citramega to Sister Maria Marietta, SPM. Hell yeah, she’s a nun!

Ita (her nickname) was born on October 26, 2013. In Jember. We went to the same kindergarten (TK Siswa Rini I) and primary school (SD Katolik Maria Fatima I). She convinced my parents to get her different junior high school. Instead of studying at SMP Katolik Maria Fatima, she preferred SMP Katolik Santo Petrus. Then she continued to SMA Katolik Santo Paulus, like I did.

Yuda – Tanti – Ita – Rani (me!) – Indra
mbak tan - ita
The eldest VS. the youngest

Sister Ita was taller than me. Just a bit. We have the same brown skin. Mine a bit darker, I guess. The last time I met her, she was 5 kilograms heavier than me. 😀

Among the 5 of the kids, she has the most perfect teeth structure, with 2 ‘rabbit teeth’ in the front up part.

She never went to any university. She joined the Order of Santa Perawan Maria right after she graduated high school. She never – I repeat – NEVER had any boyfriend. She dedicates her life fully to God. My parents are very proud of her.

She is talkative in a unique way. Why unique? Because the gesture (and sometimes the facial expression) says that she is nervous or… shy… But the flowing chit-chat topic says otherwise.

She can sing. This is like the curse in my family. All of us couldn’t stay out of the music world. And now she can even play church organ.

She is smart. Confident – once again, in a unique way. Active. Independent. Brave. Caring. Generous.

One thing I hated when she was around was that my parents seemed to spoil her more than the others. But it wasn’t her fault. And that feeling only came in the past, when I was young.

Somehow, I was closer to her than to Mbak Tanti. When I felt the urge to share some stories, I came to her. She would just listen. Without even a single comment.

Now, my lil sister lives in Mojokerto for the call of duty. She is a treasury in a kindergarten owned by the Order. She got her annual leave this year, 10 days. So, I will meet her next month, when I finally go back to my hometown for holiday. 🙂

I’ve never been a good elder sister, if I think about it. I gave bad example of how to live a straight life. Or normal life. But, thankfully, she was smart enough to choose what’s best for her. And you know what? I miss her…




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