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Ebel – Nandut

Hello gorgeous!

This is another “Mortal” edition for this blog. And this time, I will present my current housemate to you. Enjoy!

Belinda Hana Dwiaji is her name. Her family call her “Elin”. Some friends from the past do so. Her friends in the university call her “Belinda”. And I call her “Ebel” or “Nandut”. :3

She was born on October 25th, 1990. One day before my youngest sister was born. Both are Scorpio. 🙂



She is physically shorter than me. More chubby. Lighter skin color. Straight hair, black. Big eyes.

She is adorable! Jumping around like a rabbit, not literally, of course. She is talkative and friendly. She loves to hug.

She is easily panicked. Too emotional, most of the time. She is a bit moody. Her feelings are reflected out in an obvious way. Hiding how she feels is not her strength.

She’s pretty slow in thinking or doing something. But, she has been doing better so far, compared with the 1st time we live under the same roof. Now she has an organizer to help her managing her schedule. She is being on-time more often. She’s improving.

Another bad thing about Ebel: not being straight to the point. When she wants to bring up a topic, even the very important one, she’ll start with a few lines of unrelated stuff, like “Mamah…” (that’s how she calls me) or “Halo” or “Are you busy?” or “What are you doing?” or “Where are you?”. After a long way, she’ll finally get to the main idea. It’s pretty irritating, especially when I’m busy.

Sometimes she dives too deep into the emotional whirlpool. Instead of playing with logic first, she tends to gather all the negative feelings – sadness, worry, anxiety, despair, fear, anger, panic. This is bad, because she did it even when she faced the problems which solution is easily done.

Despite all of the bad natures, she is a really good friend. Caring and loving… Passionate and having the strong will to live a better life.

It’s good that she’s still young. She has more time (than I do) to get what she wants in life, to accomplish her life-mission, to achieve more.

Right now, her father is not in a good health. This illness is affecting Ebel in a bad way, obviously. I hope he can get better, so that Ebel can walk on her life-path with 1 less thing to worry about.

Lot of hugs, kisses, and love for Ebel, my Nandut… :*





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