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Esteh Is Not Her Name

Hello gorgeous!

Please welcome, one of a bunch of gorgeous girls I’ve ever met: Esteh.

Camera 360

Esteh, like you can see on the title, is not her real name. It’s actually Isti Wulandari. I never knew the history of ‘Esteh’ and I never asked (I think I have to). It creates the similar sound as pronouncing ‘Isti’, anyway…

Esteh is young. Now. Younger than me, for sure. She was born on August 4th. That’s 3 days away from my birthday, which makes us share the same Zodiac: Leo.

She is an amazing girl. Considering the principal of relativity, that statement means that her existence amazed ME, in some ways.

We knew each other from the university choir organization. The first time I knew her, she was boyish. Pants every day. T Shirts. Sneakers. Even when the faculty forced all of the female students to wear skirts while attending the classes, she insisted of wearing sneakers, along with the blouse and skirt. Time passing by, she finally followed the light. She became more feminine. She was becoming more and more girly. It is still growing inside of her now. πŸ™‚

She is pretty. Big body, not fat. Long black hair. Small black eyes. Light skin color. Photogenic face. Sweet smile. She has the kind of face that will never be boring to look at.

Her hometown is Playen, Wonosari, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. She goes there pretty often, but not necessarily every weekend. I went to her house once. It was nice! Wooden house. Old style, but modified. Her mother was very kind! I was fully equipped with a pile of food stocks when I left the house. Moms…

She is a singer, a good one! Her voice is soft and bright like an angel. I’m serious. Lack of power, sometimes, but she managed to improve it.

She is a tough girl. Stubborn. A good listener. A good friend.

She is a quiet girl. At least when she meets another person with the same basic talking mechanism. Like me. We tend to speak less when we meet someone that is not naturally talkative. We metamorphose into a completely gibberish human being. Hahaha…

She is a lazy woman! Wake up late in the day. But, when it comes to work-related-activities, she deals with this laziness.

She is already a bachelor of Social Study now. And have no full time job yet. I hope she gets the enlightenment, and find a good job. For the sake of better future, kid! πŸ™‚

Camera 360




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