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The Revenge

Hello gorgeous!

Welcome to the new day… 🙂

Yesterday was exhausting, somehow. Let me share the story of yesterday, so that in the end you’ll find out the meaning of the title I chose for this post.


I have just arrived at the office. As usual, I went to my workstation, turned on my PC, made a cup of coffee, and then checked my mails.

No assignment at all from the office. So I spent the whole morning checking my FaceBook account, giving ‘Like’s to all “Happy Birthday” posts and commented on each of them. Not only FaceBook, I also explored Twitter world, read all the born-day wishes tweets, and retweeted all of those. Some guys from the office gave their wishes via Skype. We chatted a bit, or a lot, with some of the guys that are pretty close to me. It’s such a bless to have those people around me, care enough to say “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Born Day” or “Happy Bird Day” or “Happy Blessed Day”… Thank you, guys. Thank you…


Finally, it’s lunch time! I was starving. I went to Burjo Bekatul to drink hot chocolate and eat something. I ate noodles, with egg. Hehe… Since it was my burp day, I was allowed to burp loudly. Ah! No. Since it was my birthday, Bu Tri (the owner of Burjo Bekatul), gave me free lunch! Hurrah! Thanks for the gift, Bu Triiii… *hug*


I finished the working hours. I went out, chilling on the terrace of the office. Had a chat with some dudes from another division, or another team. And then I went to Burjo Bekatul (again) for a cup of hot chocolate. Ah, darn! Now I knew why I gained weight. Too much chocolate and snacks. And foods. And coffees. *snif*


I invited some friends to celebrate my birthday at Pondok Cabe, a restaurant near the office. My reservation was for 6:30, so I went there to check whether the food and the space were ready or not.

I already got the spot and the foods aboard. When I got inside, I saw a doughnut hill cake! With candles on the top of it! I didn’t order any cake – or doughnut. That’s why it surprised me! In a nice way, of course.


A bunch of friends were already there. So, I decided not to wait for the others. I officially opened the dinner. We lighted the candles, I made my wish, blew the candles, and we began to eat. Finally!

There were Mas Avi, Dimas, Tika, Rio, July, Adit, Sigit, Fika, Rika, Yani, Arum, Jupy, Rakyan, Venti, Christan, Diana, Fuad, Faad, Tri, Ilan, Raka, Ratri, Okky, Nat, and Dendita. Then Mamak and her husband came. Followed by Mas Hend, Dicky, James, Bang Ady, Dana, Mami Tika, Ebel, Tegar. The last herd coming were Esteh, Grestina, and Pencinga.

Too bad that some guys couldn’t come. Alans was at his hometown since Wednesday. Nepa had no one to take her to Pondok Cabe. Isa had another thing to do. Tita as well. Zee had to picked up her mum. Olip forgot completely about the dinner. Dhan had another event to attend. Mbus, being moody as usual, was not in the mood of coming. Chris already had dinner with his team.

Well, it was pretty crowded already. So, it was great!

We ended the dinner at 9pm – more or less. Some of my friends were already going back home or to the office around 8pm.

I went home, opened the gift packs.
I got alarm clock from Venti. He is my team leader (for EMEA market). It means that he need me not to come late ever again to work. Haha.. Thanks, dude!
I got a pair of high heels shoes from Dendita. They fits! I appreciated this gift. He didn’t know a thing about my feet size. So, he must have been asking around. Thank youuu…
Christan and Diana gave me neck collar for cat and food plate for cat. They knew about my baby, Neko. Hehe… Thanks a bunch!
From Bang Ady and Mami Tika, I got an informal dress. I can wear it to the office – after this long holiday. Or just for hanging out. It’s purple, and nice! Thank you, ladies…
Ebel gave me a semi formal dress. Floral motive. Dark blue combined with black. I love it! Thank you, my dear.. Mumumumumu…
Then… a sleeveless top from Esteh (and Grestina). Full of pattern, in black and white. Will wear it for sure..! 🙂 Thaaaanks!

When I got home, I unpacked the gifts and tried them on. Hehe… I also checked some messages. I managed to clean Neko’s litter box and fed Neko. I planned to go to a cafe, got online, and re-checked if I missed some messages. I wanted to finished the replying-retweeting thing before the end of the day.

But… I laid down on my bed. I was totally drowned in the pool of laziness and sleepiness. I didn’t really notice whether I was exhausted or not, tired or not. But once I set my body on the bed, the exhaustion was there all the time.

I finally fell asleep. When Ebel got home, she woke me up, telling me that I still had my motorbike outside the gate. It was really hard to open my eyes. I just gave up and stayed on my bed. In the end, Ebel was taking care of the unfinished task – put my motorbike inside, put the leftover in the kitchen, and so on.

I woke up this morning at 8:30. Oh my God! I was already late for work! I slept for 10 hours. It was the Revenge Sleep. I had this kind of sleep a few times. For several times, I let myself awake the whole 24 hours, and still stay awake the next day. After the long active moment, I will always have the Revenge Sleep. It’s a minimum 10 hours of sleeping. So far, I had 18 hours as the longest.

Yeah, that was yesterday. Now here I am, totally awake. Mmm… I really want to chew something now. I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat. I just want to chew. I’ll go get something, I guess… See you on the next post!

Ah, a note: the images for my birthday are too big (the resolution and file size) to be uploaded here. So, I’ll try to add them later, or gave you the link. 🙂

Thank you for reading. And… happy burp day, Leos…





I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

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