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Bukit Seroyo – The Plan

Hello gorgeous!

I am still in Jember now, hanging out with Indra – my brother.

So, today, I had a plan to go with him to Bukit Seroyo (Seroyo Hill). The plan was to depart from home at 3pm. By car.


When I told my dad that I’ll borrow his car to go to Bukit Seroyo, he said that he needed the car the whole day. So, yeah, unfortunately we have to go by motorbike.

Then, I spent the noon doing pedicure. Hehe… My feet were horrible! I went home at half past two. Indra was awake when I arrived home. We discussed about the mechanism of going to Seroyo. After a quick session of procrastination and shower session, we finally departed from home at 5 p.m.

When we set our feet on the sand of Payangan, the sun was already hiding. It was almost dark. We walked to our main destination, and it was totally dark by then. Indra tried to find the way up, but it was hard. We took our chances on one track we found, but after awhile, we decided to go back, because we were going in the wrong way. *sigh*



We spent 2 hours at the beach, chatted. I told him about my crush. I told him about some part of my past. And we went back finally. Not home, yet. We stopped by in a cafe – Cakwang.

So, here we are now. Meeting his friends. Have some coffee. And me: blogging.

Bukit Seroyo is a rock hill next to the sea, in the edge of Watu Ulo beach – or actually, Payangan beach. To get to the top, it takes half an hour. Indra went there several times with his friends, usually at New Year’s eve.

Too bad that I didn’t get to climb up the hill. *snif* I really want to go theeeere!

That’s it for now. I haven’t write any post about my journey to Jember yet. I’ll catch up soon.




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