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Day One – 03.08.2013

Hello gorgeous!

This post will be the first of my Jember-Malang-Banyuwangi series of posts. Check it out! 😉

August 3rd, 2013. It was the day I started my holiday… The longest holiday I had this year.

I woke up in the morning, around 6 a.m. Ebel and I were preparing ourselves to go through our first trip together, to Jember. We rushed to the train station, as we were about to be late. Thankfully, we caught our train right on time. Arrived at the train station at 7:40 for a 7:45 train. Phew… Ah ya, we had Mas Hendri and Tegar dropping us at the train station by motorbike. A bunch of thanks for them! *hug*

otw jember
The first picture, before departing to Jember…

We spent almost 11 hours on the train. The ticket said that it will arrived at Jember’s train station at 5:45, which meant we had to go through 10 hours on the train. We moved quite slow then… *sigh*

The train stopped several times, loading new passengers. In Mojokerto, my youngest sister (Sister Marietta) joined our journey. We ordered the tickets of the same train! A crazy coincident!

Sister Marietta – welcome aboard!
My nice shoes… Aha!
My 3rd cup of coffee…
My BlackBerry was saved by the power plug!
Hurrah! I love this feature: power plug!
Caught a cute guy – not in purpose!
Stopped while waiting for another train to pass by.
One of the train station we stopped at.
Ebel, the train lady…

Actually, I wrote something on WordPress via BlackBerry when we were on the way. But, I guess the signal was not good enough, because I lost the posts when I was in the middle of publishing them. *snob*

As you can see from the picture, this train is pretty good. Sri Tanjung, business economy train, IDR 90.000. We got air conditioner, our own seat (you couldn’t choose randomly), and electricity plug. Ouw yeahh!

So! Arrived in Jember, we waited for Indra (my little brother) to pick us up. My father couldn’t do it because he went to Surabaya to pick my sister (Mbak Tanti), her husband (Mas Dedy), and their son (El), and after that, went to get my mom in malang. By car, accompanied by Yuda, my brother.

touchdown yember
Ebel – Sister Marietta – Nee
Sister Marietta – Ebel
Sisters 🙂

Yeah! That’s us. Taking some pictures while waiting for Indra. Hehe…

After we were all aboard on the car, we went to eat sate ayam (chicken satay) near RRI Jember. It was soooo good. I missed the foods in Jember, really. Then we went home, safe and sound…

I gave a small tour to Ebel. The four of us also cleaned the house a little bit, creating space for sleeping since there would be 10 people inside the house.

When the others arrived home, we chatted till late before finally going to bed. Nighty all…

El – my smart nephew…
Aunty Nee and El
Ebel – El – Nee *hug*




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