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Kedai Oak

Hello gorgeous!

This is a post about another kedai I visited today. Another nice place to be at. Hurray!

[May 23rd, 2016] Kedai Oak is already closed and not operating currently.


The Location

Kedai Oak is in Papringan area. A bit hard to describe how to get here… *sigh* Mmm… I will try my best.

From the junction of Jalan Affandi (Gejayan) – Jalan Solo, go to east (the direction to Solo). After finding Saphir Hotel on the right side, go slower. Once you find a left turn, turn left. This is where you find a lot of booth for duplicating keys. Go straight till you find Circle K on the right side. Then, turn right at the junction after CK. Go straight, and you’ll see Kedai Oak on the left side.

Kedai Oak is a simple place, yet nice. It has 8 groups of seats inside, and 3 outside. All tables and benches are made of wood. It looks warm. I recommend the indoor seat, because the mosquito is somehow annoying when you sit outside. Both – indoor and outdoor – are smoking area. 🙂


The Menu

Kedai Oak provides snacks, meals, tea, chocolate drink, coffee, squash, and blends. The price varies from IDR 2K to 11.5K. Cheap!

I ordered hot cappuccino, hot apple tea, and nugget. My friend ordered hot chocolate and hot green tea.  IDR 16K for me and IDR 13K for him. Wow!

The waiter brought our orders fast. That’s a plus.


The Features

Kedai Oak has a wi-fi connection, which is good for me. The internet speed is great. Sometimes I lost the connection, but not for a long time. When I lost the connection for the second time, I told the waiter about the problem, and he fixed it immediately. Yeay!



Check out the pictures I took from Kedai Oak. Enjoy!












Menu book…
The menu (again)

Make sure you submit your order before 1:30 a.m. Bon appetit, gals!





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