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Day Three – 05.08.2013

Hello gorgeous!

The morning rush will begin this post. My mom went to school, my dad dropped her there. He went back home. Mbak Tanti and Mas Dedy were preparing baby’s clothes, milk bottle, hot water, milk powder. My father got the snacks, drinks. Ebel and I took a shower in turn, then prepared our personal stuff. We were packing for the beach! Yeay!

The destination of the day: Tanjung Papuma Beach. White sand. Quiet atmosphere. And it’s only 45 minutes away from home. We went there by car, my dad was the driver. 🙂

And now, let the photos talk…












IMG00942-20130805-1151After having fun playing with the sea, we took a rest in an eating place. There were a lot of dining place on the beach side, specialized in sea food. We had our lunch there, eating red scraper and another unknow fish, kerapu – the name in Indonesian.



After eating, we went back home, all tired. But happy! Hehe…

In the afternoon, I went out with Ebel. We went to buy the famous street snack in Jember: Cilok DPRD. Cilok is small meatball, dipped in chili sauce, peanut sauce, soy sauce, or ketchup. We spent IDR 7.000 for 3 small bowls of cilok. DPRD is the Indonesian term for Parliament. The food stall was located at the junction of the Parliament building. The actual name was Cilok Cak Edy. This snack was tasty..!

After Cilok, we went to Nico – clothing department store to buy some more clothes and bags and shoes. I bought 2 bags and a pair of sandals. :p

Before finally going home to take a rest, we went to campus area to meet Indra and his friends. We had coffee, chatted, and made plan for the next day. Belinda and I went home around 10 p.m. Arrived home, we watched 1 movie, then went to bed… *yawn*







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