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Day Five – 07.08.2013

Hello gorgeous!

Let’s check on another day I went through on my latest holiday. 😉

It was Wednesday. August 7th, 2013.

My parents planned to bring the whole family to Malang, that day. Unfortunately, we could only take 1 car. So, my brothers – Yuda and Indra – had to stay home. Mom, Dad, mbak Tanti, mas Dedy, El, Ita, and I were the personnel for Jember-Malang trip.

Malang is a town in East Java. It needs 4 – 5 hours to get there from Jember, by car or bus. Malang is my mom’s hometown. It’s a tradition to visit the eldest during Idul Fitri, especially for the moslems. My grandmother is a moslem, along with 3 uncles and 1 aunt I have from my mom’s side. That was why we went there. To meet the whole family of my mother.

Half way to Malang, we stopped by at a restaurant named Bromo Asri. It’s located at Jalan Raya Banjarsari km 89.2, Probolinggo, East Java. It serves East Javanese foods, such as rawon, nasi bakmoy, sate, sop buntut, etc. The price of the food is somewhere around IDR 10.000 and IDR 30.000.

Sister Marietta and Mom went loco
El found a new playground!
My sister pressed the button, okay…
El and his pops. 🙂
Too full to move…

It was pretty dark already when we finally arrived in Malang. We dropped by at Karangploso, the area where mas Dedy’s parents live. We had our dinner there. Took a shower as well. Then we left the small family of mbak Tanti at Karangploso.

After Karangploso, it was time to go to Bareng Kulon, my grandparents’ house. Arrived there at 8 p.m. Had a chit chat with my grandma, grandpa, Aunt Ika, Uncle Gito, Aunt Tiwiek, and played with Farel – the 2 years old son of my nephew,

Mom and Dad – tired..?
Sister Marietta and Grampa
Gramma – Uncle Gito – Farel
Aunt Ika (my mom’s lil sister) – Gramma – Uncle Gito – Farel

At 10 p.m. my nephew, Angga, picked me up. He works at Ria Djenaka cafe. I asked him to take me there, so I could get online on my netbook, and enjoyed the night of Malang.

Ria Djenaka was very nice! There was live music. I sang 3 songs there. Hehe… It was closed at 1 a.m. I waited till Angga finished his shift, and then he dropped me back to Bareng Kulon, where I eventually fell asleep…





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