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Humming (2008) – Korea

Hello gorgeous…

Today, I will write about a South Korean movie I watched 2 days ago. These are some basic information about the movie. Check it out!


Tittle: Humming
Released: 2008
Duration: 96 minutes
Language: Korean
Plot: Flashback

Humming is a romance movie with a sad ending. I’ll tell you about the whole plot. So, beware! SPOILER ALERT!

. . .

The story starts from a couple: Jun-Seo (Lee Chun-Hee) and Mi-Yeon (Han Ji-Hye). They have been dating for almost 2000 days (it’s more than 5 years!).

Jun-Seo grows tired of his girlfriend. He decides to get away from Mi-Yeon for awhile, ignoring their plan to celebrate the 2000th day of them being together.

When Jun-Seo finds out that there’s an open recruitment to be a volunteer for research wok in Antartica, he applies for it. He tells Mi-Yeon about his participation in this research, and of course Mi-Yeon offers herself to be an accompaniment. Jun-Seo refuses.

Mi-Yeon joins a course on ham radio, so that she can keep in contact in a unique way (using the ham radio) with Jun-Seo while he is doing the research in Antartica. When she is about to give the ham radio to Jun-Seo, Jun-Seo keeps rejecting her calls. So she decides to drop by at Jun-Seo’s apartment. Unfortunately, on the way to Jun-Seo’s place, she gets an accident.

Jun-Seo, completely clueless about the accident, wakes up in the morning by a knock on the door. It’s Mi-Yeon. He doesn’t find anything weird until Mi-Yeon’s aunt calls him and tells him about the accident.

Day by day, he keeps being confused by the fact that his GF is lying on the hospital bed and by the appearance of Mi-Yeon at his apartment. He is trying to explain this phenomena by any means of science. During this moment, he recalls all of the sweet memories they’ve been through and finds his feeling back for Mi-Yeon.

Anyway, in the end, there has to be a goodbye. The ‘living’ Mi-Yeon somehow has to go away, leaving Jun-Seo behind…

. . .

For a fiction-hater: DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE.
It doesn’t make any sense that something like that could happen in real life. You’ll complain all the time and insult this movie.

For romance lover (especially Korean movie), just watch the movie. The story is typical. The extraordinary thing about the movie is that in the beginning of the movie, there’s already a couple. It’s not the story of gaining love, but the story of keeping love and respecting the feelings you had for your spouse.

Humming tells us that someone will really aware of the love they have when the person he/she loves is finally gone… So, always recall what you had, the feelings you kept, the days you’ve been through. Don’t be so easy to say goodbye, leaving the person you love.

I will give 3 stars out of 5 for rating this movie. It’s not too ‘heavy’ to watch. And at the right time and place, it could make you cry.

Well, that’s it, gals. I’m sorry for being a bad reviewer. I’m learning… :p




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7 thoughts on “Humming (2008) – Korea

      1. Still can’t find it even on paid services like Netflix 😦
        Looks like I’m gone need to get a job at your place in order to watch it haha.

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