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Alembana Resto

Hello gorgeous!

And good evening… 🙂

Tonight, still ill, I decided to have my dinner at Alembana Resto. I heard about this restaurant the first time from Twitter. There was a garage sale on the front yard of Alembana, and since I didn’t want to miss it, I followed @alembanaresto on Twitter, to get the updated news of this event.

Well, it was in the past. I didn’t go to the garage sale anyway because I didn’t have time to go. Hehe…

Finally tonight I got the opportunity. My first visit to Alembana Resto!

The restaurant is located at alan Cendrawasih No. 10, Demangan Baru, Yogyakarta. You can make reservation by callling 0274-7818700. Alembana is opened from 11am to 11pm. On Friday, it’s opened at 1pm and closed at 11pm.

How to get here? Ummm… That’s pretty hard. First, find Jalan Affandi (Jalan Gejayan). When you see “Mailbox”, make your turn to the east. Go straight, just straight, till you find “Alembana Resto” sign on the left side.

Or… Find your way to Puri Artha Hotel, then move west a bit, Alembana Resto will be right on the right side.

The place is very nice! Something in middle of fancy and homey. It has free wi-fi connection. The food is good. The waiter and waitress are amazingly responsive.

Unfortunately, the menu list is limited. VERY! You can only find around 20 kind of food, which are sort of pricey. The real food costs IDR 22K – 80K per pax. For drinks? The average is IDR 15K.

So, if you want to eat till you are totally stuffed without weeping against your empty wallet, DON’T eat here. Trust me, dudes…

For my dinner tonight, I got myself Nasi Goreng Seafood (fried rice with shrimps, snappers, and calamary), Hot Tea, Mango Juice, and Mineral Water. I spent IDR 52K for all of those.


Ah, one missing feature:  Alembana Resto presents live music every Wednesday evening from 8pm – 10pm. Have to check it out by myself. :p

See you – maybe someday – at Alembana! 😉





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