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District Dining & Coffee Factory

Hello gorgeous!

I’m back with another hanging out place review..! Actually, I planned to write about District since a long long time ago, but… I guess I was too busy with another project and another topic for my posts. Sorry… *snob*

Before I write anything, let’s check some picture of District Dining & Coffee Factory [taken via Samsung Galaxy Tab 2]. Enjoy!

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360






District is located at Plaza Seturan 5/6A, Yogyakarta. From my house, it’s somehow near. There are many ways to get there.

  1. From Gejayan Street, find your way to Selokan Mataram, to the east. Go straight side by side with the water canal. On the 4th cross-section, turn left, then left again – entering the parking area of District. If you find Merapi Merbabu Hotel, it means that you miss the last left turn, so, go back.
  2. From Ambarrukmo Plasa (Jalan Solo), go straight to east. When you find a big gas station on the left side, make a left turn. Go straight. When you find the water canal (it’s a junction!), slow down. Make your way to the left, right after the water canal. That’s the parking area. Plus you can see District already by that moment.

Ugh, too many ways! I only have time to give you 2. You can call me, anyway, when you need more information about how to get there. 😉

So. What’s good about District? A BUNCH!

It has live music almost everyday. Performed by the home band or by free jammers.
The hot chocolate is GOOD! Another drinks as well.
It serves coffee, chocolate, beer, tea, squash, punch, juice, and other kind of drinks.
It serves foods as well. Once I ordered omelette and it was pretty good. Tasty…
It has couches, wooden chairs and benches. Indoor and outdoor.
It provides free wi-fi internet connection with average speed. Not so bad…
It has electricity power source plug almost everywhere! (I hope I’m not exaggerating…)
The price is reasonable. Tea, less than IDR 10K. Coffee and chocolate, between IDR 15K – 20K. For the others? Just go there already..! 😀

Ah, another thing I love about this place is that District accepts payment by card. So, don’t bother to stop by in ATM when you have no cash in hand. Just relax. Go to District. And get your coffee.

For the noise-haters, prepare yourself. When the live music is performing, sometimes the sound volume is pretty high.

Another event District has is the football match broadcast, using projector and big screen. Soccerholics are welcomed…

Well… For now, that’s all I can say. Currently, this is my favorite place to hang out. Alone or with friends. A really good place to be at. I’ll give 4 out of 5 stars.. 🙂




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