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Kedai Kopi Gejayan

Hello gorgeous!

Another coffee shop to visit: Kedai Kopi!

I visited Kedai Kopi soooo many times. There are some branches, and I have no idea which one is the first to exist. The one I will talk about is Kedai Kopi Gejayan.

Don’t be tricked by the title I give. It’s not located at the big road of Gejayan, actually. It’s located at the street of Selokan Mataram – the west side of Gejayan Street. To be precise, Kedai Kopi Espresso Bar’s address is Jalan Bougenville 1, Gejayan, Sleman.

It’s pretty easy to get there. From the main street of Gejayan (or Affandi Street), go north. Turn left after Mirota Gejayan (supermarket). Kedai Kopi is on the right side. So, you have to go straight a bit, before finally make a U-turn and meet Kedai Kopi.

The name itself represents the main menu served in this cafe. “Kedai” means stall, and “Kopi” is coffee. Accordingly, you know what is their specialty. And yes, it’s coffee!

Most of the time, I ordered Cafe Mocha. Once I finished it, I would order something else which are (usually) hot Raspberry Tea, or Black Tea.

In contrast with the simple interior, Kedai Kopi serves a bunch of beverages and snacks that makes it complicated to decide what to order. It serves many kinds of Indonesian coffee (Toraja, Mandailing, Java, Flores, Aceh, etc.), mixed coffee (cafe mocha, cappuccino, latte, etc.), chocolate drinks, tea (raspberry, peach, lemon, etc.), and moaarrr…

The price is ranged between IDR 10K to 30K, in general. Even though for students the price might be a bit up high, but having it once a while won’t kill. Trust me. Plus, it provides free wi-fi connection. So, it is very convenient to stay for finishing paper works, or downloading files, or just spending time in loneliness… Whoops! That’s me. *sigh*

Kedai Kopi – or I call it Keiko – is opened from 3 pm to 3 am. When I really want to go out within a particular time limit, I’ll go here. Or other place (check on my other post). Depends on the mood. :p

Once upon a time, I managed to have a long chat with the waiters there. They were all friendly and nice. I even got a discount. Hehehe…





Well… Keiko serves good beverages, good foods. It provides wi-fi. It’s air-conditioned. It’s quiet. The waiters and waitresses are nice. It has couches and wooden chairs. What else can I say. Just kick your ass out of your bed and drag yourself up here. If we’re lucky, maybe you’ll meet me there, with my netbook on my lap.

See ya there, gals!





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