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Cuppajo, Small but BIG!

Hello gorgeous…

Have you ever been to “Perfect Bite” before? No? Ah, me neither. We are the same, then… :p

What’s with this “Perfect Bite” thing? What’s so special about it? Well… it’s related to the place I will talk about on this post – Cuppajo. I will tell you a secret: Cuppajo WAS Perfect Bite!

I went to Cuppajo out of curiosity. Another reason: it is pretty close to my rent house. I passed it several times and kept telling myself to stop by, which didn’t happen. Until one day, I went there on purpose, not because I passed by from somewhere else.

Cuppajo is located in jalan Selokan Mataram, the water canal road on the east part of Jalan Gejayan. If you go from Gejayan Street to the water canal, just go straight on Selokan Mataram Street. Around 50 meters after the second cross-section, look at your right. Voila! It’s Cuppajo!

From the outside, Cuppajo looks very small. Like really small. I was expecting something tiny, homey, and warm… But instead, I saw a large cafe, homey, and warm… I LOVE IT! I chose the 2nd floor to put my butt on. Haha…





Cuppajo is closed at 1am (or it’s the time for last order), so at first it disappoint me a bit. Yet on my first visit, I stayed till 4am, having a chat with the waiter there. They were nice and friendly.

When I went there, I ordered hot chocolate classic. And I didn’t like it because it was mixed with milk. Not Cuppajo‘s fault though… It’s normal to serve that kind of mix for hot chocolate. My fault, because I forgot to ask and specify my order, like what I usually do.

About the price, it’s kinda the same with any other semi-fancy cafes I’ve been, between IDR 15K – 25K. Average.

The music is not too loud. It provides wi-fi connection. The place is cozy and nice. The waiters are friendly. What else can I offer you? It felt good to be there, and I will absolutely go there again. Totally!


. . .

PS: follow Cuppajo on Twitter – @cuppajo_yk



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3 thoughts on “Cuppajo, Small but BIG!

    1. Unfortunately I didn’t get through all of the menu list. I’ll check on it once I set my feet up there again. I’ll manage to get some photos of the menu list as well. 😉

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