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Starbucks @Ambarrukmo Plasa Yogyakarta

Hello gorgeous…

Feel familiar with that name? Of course you do… It’s Starbucks! A huge chain of coffeehouse, spread all over the world, including Yogyakarta…

Considering that Yogya is not a big city, having Starbucks here is close to a miracle. Really! Even so far, there’s only 1 Starbucks coffeehouse in town. And it’s in Ambarrukmo Plasa – next to the southern entrance.

Starbucks gives 2 options of seating: smoking area – which is outside at the terrace, and non-smoking area – obviously, indoor. At the non-smoking area, you’ll see couches, electricity source terminal, wooden tables and chairs, and of course, the bar. At the smoking area, there are wooden chairs and tables. No luck with the couches. But, both spots have wi-fi connection.

For those who absolutely know nothing about Starbucks, here’s some information.

Starbucks provides coffee, and chocolate, and some pastry. The taste is very very very good. Exquisite. I really like the chocolate drink. And the coffees. :p

The price is up high, between IDR 35K – 50K. But, it’s okay to have it every once a while. Trust me…

Too bad that I didn’t have time to go there again. I’m still full scheduled. *snob*

Well, that’s all I can say for now. Check some pictures I took, even though they are not representative enough to show you how Starbucks Ambarrukmo Plasa is.










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