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My Jobs – Part 9: Gamelofter!

Hello gorgeous…

Feeling better after lunch, I decided to write about my another job. 😀

Currently, I’m working as Submissions Specialist at Gameloft Indonesia. Gameloft is a game developer multinational company, maybe some of you heard about it before.

What is Submissions Specialist? What am I actually doing as Submissions Specialist, else than chilling out at the office? *oops*

Now, I’ll give you the big picture of it.

SUBs are in in charge of game packaging. Gameloft is a game developer company, so it creates games. The Headquarter gets the ideas, sends assignments to create games to Gameloft’s studios all over the world. Developers are dealing with the creation part: design the games then work on the games (drawing characters, settings, sounds, testing). When it’s finished, SUBs have to deal with the costumers and create the package before finally sending it to the clients.

Working as Submissions Specialist is fun, since I have a great team here and really nice team mates. The office itself is a fun place to be at.

Ah, I wish I have some photos to share, but unfortunately, for now, I don’t have it with me. I’ll get to it later (or tomorrow).




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