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Dunkin Donuts

Hello gorgeous!

Here’s another good place to hang out. Dunkin Donuts! Yeap, a famous doughnut cafe in Indonesia.

There are two shops of Dunkin in Yogyakarta: at the ground floor of Gramedia Book Store and one at Jalan Kaliurang. I always go to the one at Jalan Kaliurang for some reasons. It has its own place (not attached to another store) and it opens for 24 hours, every single day (unlike the other one which is closed at 9 pm).

First thing I’ll tell you is the menu. From its name, it’s pretty clear that the main product is doughnut. The doughnut is good! You can buy half dozen or one dozen in a cheaper price, compared to buying 1. It has croissant as well. Yumm!

For the beverages… you can find tea, coffee (black, cappuccino, latte, etc.), chocolate, and juice. Hot and cold. The average price is IDR 20K.

Camera 360


Camera 360Now… the place itself. It’s niiice! Providing non-smoking area (indoor) and smoking area (outdoor), Dunkin Donuts presents a cozy environment to be at. Couches inside, rattan chairs outside. Adequate electricity source. And the most wonderful thing of all: SUPER FAST WI-FI CONNECTION!

It will be easy to find Dunkin Donuts once you arrive at Jalan Kaliurang. It’s on the southern part of Ring Road. Right on the west side of the road.

Anyway, in my personal opinion, this is the best place to go when you really need to work on your tasks or just leave your house till dawn. Perfect wi-fi service, tasty doughnuts, good beverages.

Overall, I’ll give 8 stars out of 10.






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