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7 Qualities I Admire

#1 | Crazy Sense of Humor
It’s a wonderful thing to have humorous people around, on the same frequency of jokes, of course.

#2 | Consistent
Inconsistency will really piss me off! Once you made up your mind, do what you have to do according to the decision. Then most of the things in your life will run smoothly…

#3 | Confident
I appreciate people that show confidence in every way; gesture, words, anything! It shows that they are proud of themselves. This kind of people creates the atmosphere of optimism. And guess what? Optimism is contagious!

#4 | Kind Heart
Sharing, caring, and loving are 3 qualities I want to improve. Do more and give more to my beloved ones. When I run into someone with this quality, it feels like finding a muse!

#5 | Independent
I strive for my own life for years. Meeting another person with the same quality is awesome! It gives motivation to keep being strong in taking care of my own life.

#6 | Smart
No need to be genius. Being smart is enough to catch my attention. Acting foolish outside, but using brain inside, that also rocks!

#7 | Organized
Organizing everything, including daily activities, is fuuuun! It means being prepared of the worst for every situation.



I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

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