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The Walking Dead – A TV Series

Hello gorgeous!

I’m back!! 🙂

Sinking myself in an ongoing TV series recently (and currently). One of them is “The Walking Dead”. I’m on the fourth season now, and not finished yet.

From its name, you can make an easy guess. Yes, it’s about zombie apocalypse! The first scene started at Atlanta, without any clue about what triggered the zombie-fication to spread. The main character – Rick Grimes – made his way to survive, met some other survivors, and finally became their leader. This herd were moving from one place to another, setting a steady “neighborhood” once, before it was taken away from them. Let’s not spoil the fun, shall we? But, you can check on the details here.

The tough romance, intrigue, conflicts, and the killing are worth to watch. It shows me (or, it could be ‘us’) about how good or how bad a person can be in such a critical situation, about how to survive in an extreme condition. It shows that friends are valuables. And the most important: about how to kill zombies! XD

I’ll give 4 stars out of 5 for this series. A good one..! 😉




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