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Arisan Rumpik: Kober #6 – Gala Dinner


Hello gorgeous…

Two weeks ago we have another Kober moment with a specific dress code: Gala Dinner (this is our sixth theme!). Basically, “elegant” suited better.

We held the 6th Kober at Epic Coffee and Epilog Furniture, a very nice hanging out place located at Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar, right after Mirota Supermarket. It’s a bit pricey, around IDR 10K – 40K for the beverages and minimum IDR 30K for the foods. Anyway, I don;t really mind, considering the ambiance and the interior of the place. Moreover, Epic provides free Wi-Fi connection for the guests, high speed, gals! So… if you want to go there, here’s a map.


From 13 participants, only 7 of us were available to gather at Epic Coffee: me, Acid, Oped, Chobi, Ebel, Tegil, and Rifky.

We drew the winner’s name around 5:30 p.m. and got Dana’s name as the lucky guy to get the money for that week. Congratulations, Dana!

And… as usual, we had the photo session. Love it! Check these photos out, gals..!

Bunaken – Innocent purple
Dana – Prom king
Rakyan – Casual chic
Nien – Classy mommy
Acid – Calm grey
Nee – Black and red
Chobi – Simple black
Ebel – Pinky purply
Rifky – Man in bow
Oped – Sexy lady (best dress code)
Tegil – Prince of the dark
All seven!

After finishing the winning lottery, we went home one by one. I had to catch my ride to a wedding for a singing job, so I didn’t join the others taking more photos. *sob*

Anyway, it was a short Kober yet pretty satisfying. I enjoyed the place. I enjoyed the dress code. Hahay…

It’s a wrap!



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