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7 Tips: Prepare for the Rain Season!

Hello gorgeous!

Last night it was raining! Heavily! I was so happy. I could finally smell the petrichor once again.

To welcome the (next) rains, I present to you: what to prepare for surviving the rain season. Check it out, gals..!

#1 – Always bring raincoat (for motorbike’s user) and/or umbrella (for others)
You will never know when the rain strikes. It’s better to do a precaution. I always bring raincoat and umbrella in the trunk of my motorbike, even when it’s dry season. I even have 2 raincoats. When one is wet, I can leave it home to dry and bring the other one. Damp raincoat smells awful, gals!

#2 – Leave a pair of flip flops at the office or bring them with you all the time
If you are shoes-guy/girl, prepare a pair of flip flops. You can leave them at the office (like I do) or bring them all the time (put them in the trunk or bag). It will be useful when it rains a lot: keep stylish at the office and keep your shoes shoes clean the whole day. Bring a plastic bag for emergency. Or to carry your lovely shoes when the rain pours. You can go barefoot as well if you dare to. 😉

#3 – Wear short pants or short skirt during the rainy season
Water, mud, and dirt are all over when it’s rainy season. When riding a motorbike especially, the water splash from the ground can be pretty nasty. So… it’s better to wear short pants, short skirt, or mini dress to avoid the stains on your clothes. I’d prefer to leave my jeans untouched during this season. Else, I will have to wash them every time they meet the rain. And you know, draining wet clothes in rainy season is a great struggle…

#4 – Bring food from home
In the middle of rainy season, there will be a moment when the rain never stops, from early in the morning until late at night. Or even worse, doesn’t stop for days. Going out under heavy rain for lunch is not a good option… So, better bring your own food for lunch.

#5 – Buy candles… a lot of candles, or an emergency lamp
Rain has a deep relation with thunder or lightning. Heavy rain is accompanied by angry thunder bolt which causes so many troubles to the electricity poles (based on life experience). Usually during the rain season, the electricity goes off pretty often. Prepare yourself to fight the darkness using candles or emergency lamp. Flashlight could work as well, but it will be pretty complicated to use the flashlight while doing another activity (cook, eat, write, read, etc.) in the dark.

#6 – Pile food stocks
When you are home and it’s raining by the time you feel hungry, having food at home is heaven! No need to fight the rain outside. Just cook your own food and make hot beverage. Peace at home for you, gals! I suggest instant noodles, pasta, eggs, rice, canned foods (sardines, cornet, ham), breads, nuggets, pudding, jelly, fruits, potato, tea bags, coffee powder, ginger, chocolate powder, and milk powder.

#7 – Always bring jacket
Why do I have to put it here? Because… the rain season in Yogyakarta (or Indonesia, I guess) is a bit confusing. It could be very hot in the morning or at noon, but then rain like crazy in a snap. After the rain stops, the air will get very cold (in my taste). The wind, especially, chilling! So… don’t let yourselves fooled, gals! Always bring a jacket. I repeat: ALWAYS bring a jacket.

That’s all I can share with you for now. I’ll be back with another useful tips for you. 🙂




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