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7 Things I Love About My Job

Hello gorgeous…

I’m back with the “7 things” post! Today, I’ll give you 7 things I love about my jobs. What’s with the topic? I observed my friends, and some of them were being grumpy about their job. I hear them complaining about how sucks their job is, how tired they are after doing their job, how unhappy they are with their boss, and more.

I have 4 ongoing jobs and they’re killing me most of the time. I’m not talking about the job itself, but the time I have to manage to make all of them work as I wish. Sometimes I failed,  when I have to sacrifice one job to do the other and it creates another mess I have to deal with in the future. But, most of the time, I have them all going as planned.

Each job has its up and down for sure. But it’s not a big deal. Even after the storm, there’s rainbow.

So… These are 7 things I love about my job!

#1. My job trains my brain
My teaching job did a very good job on this. I teach my student and I learn more, everytime I transfer the knowledge. Even sometime I have to teach something that I’m not good at, so I do a proofreading of the subject and teach my student right away, without a deep understanding of it. Cheating? Yes. Risky? Yes. Buat after that, I push myself to have a deeper understanding of the subject.
Meeting my students after holiday (school day offs) is always a hard thing to do. My brain is on vegetable state! That’s when I realize that working keeps my brain alive and trained.

#2. My jobs allow me to have another job
Having 4 jobs and I can still spend some times to hang out with my friends, or getting another side jobs is amazing! My current jobs  are not getting in my way to do each of them. I mean, I work at Gameloft in the morning, yet I can still teach after work. And after those two, I still have the freedom to have a singing job. Plus, later in the evening, I have time to do the paperwork.

#3. Money!
I wasn’t born in a poor family, nor a rich one. I love money, because it brings me to a state I’m dreaming of. Having job means that I have the money I need to buy clothes, shoes, and bags. It means that I can pay for my own foods and drinks, and house rent. It means that I can have a vacation without worrying about how to pay for my holiday.

#4. Gaining network
At the office, I get to know new people from different backgrounds and different ability. From singing, I make some new friends, music community, and some businessman. From teaching, I meet the parents and have more connection. From paperwork clients, I broaden my network where people know that I have a good writing skill.

#5. Share some skill
Meeting any kind of people is a very great way to share some skills and knowledge with other people. I get to know more stuff when I interact with my colleagues or friends or clients.

#6. Health insurance
For this one, I get it from my office job. Health insurance for all employees! It’s very good, considering my accident record throughout years of my life.

#7. Self evaluation
I’m a pretty narcissistic person. Sometimes I feel that my pride to myself is beyond normal line. Having those jobs, I can evaluate myself, whether I’m good enough already, whether what I think about myself is true, or do I overestimate myself all these times.

Okay. I already give you 7 things I like about my jobs. How about you? What do you like about your jobs?




I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

3 thoughts on “7 Things I Love About My Job

  1. I love that I work from home. I love that I have unlimited earning potential. I love that I have mentors, I love that I make my own hours. I love that even on bad months, I rather not have a boss, I love that I the atmosphere is positive and always competitive to push you further. I love that I get prizes such as jewelry, home decorations, kitchenware every quarter, every year, even cars.
    But bad side, I am a workaholic myself. I was chatting with Holy Spirit today about that and am amazed because it’s like I am in a detox program… I blogged about His response…
    Your post was so nice because it was so positive. Like you said, most people only complain about their jobs and their bosses and co-workers. You have a great attitude!!

    1. Wow! Your post is amazing as well. I’ve been dreaming about being an entrepreneur, but the risk frighten me a bit. Haha… Need to be brave(r).

      I can say that me myself is a workaholic, so I will always love my jobs and I miss them when I have nothing to do, at all.

      Thank you for stopping by! ❤

      1. No problem. I am sure I will find you again. Yes, being an entrepreneur can be scary. But it is good to know that you are more in charge of your future, if that makes sense. And with my situation, there really is no risk when this company is 90% buy back guarantee. That takes the fear out of it. Your qualities are obvious; Hard working, you aren’t lazy, very positive, driven and multi-tasker. I am sure whatever you do, you are succesful!

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