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7 Basic Wardrobes You Should Have

Hello gorgeous,
It’s been a long time I leave this kind of post. Let me go back with a new topic: 7 basic wardrobes you should have! Check it out, gals!

#1 – Black/white shirt
Choose 1 shirt that suit your usual activities well. If you have an active office life, nice shirt or hem would be perfect for you. If you are the sleeveless type (like I am), get a sleeveless tank top or blouse. If you are boyish, get a black T-shirt with small picture on it.
It works the same way with the black shirt. Some event will force you to wear white. You can mix it with skirt or pants of any color.
Other recommended colors: red, blue, pink, gray.

#2 – Black dress
For formal event or a semi formal one, funeral for example, black dress will give you all the help you need. I’d personally choose mini or sack dress, since it’s easier to mix and match: wear it along with pantyhose for Gothic look, wear it with legging for heavier look, wear it with nothing else would also be good.

#3 – White dress
For this one, I’d recommend a formal one or more sophisticated one, let’s say…long dress! It’s great for attending a wedding, for example.

#4 – Black pencil skirt
Black pencil skirt can go formal, semiformal, or informal. It really depends on the top: T-shirt, blouse, hem, tank top, and the shoes!
Other recommended colors: white, dark blue, dark brown.

#5 – Denim vest
Vest for preppy look! Why denim? Because it’s more neutral, easy to mix and match.

#6 – Dark blue and black jeans
Jeans are heavy! Wearing it might cause a “fatty” illusion. That’s why, having a dark blue ones is much better than a light blue ones. It will give you a sharp look. For now, I choose the skinny jeans type and the low hip ones.
Now about black jeans. Okay, this one is a MUST-HAVE item! Black jeans go well with everything. Even if you wear a mini dress and black jeans together, you will still look good!

#7 – High heels
Either pump shoes, boots, or something else, get a high heels, gals! I know that some women don’t get along well with the height on their heels, but…you have to have one! Some events might need to have girls in high heels. For me myself, I wear high heels at work, at my regular singing job, at choir concerts, friends’ wedding, almost anytime!
Recommended colors: black, khaki (caramel), white, red, dark brown, denim blue.

Get all of those items and you’ll always look properly for any event!



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