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Day 2. Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Hello gorgeous!

Today (May 11, 2015) is the official 1st day of my holiday sequences. But… Let’s count that yesterday my holiday has been started. So… It’s my 2nd day!!!

What did I do today? Check it out!

I woke up pretty late. Around 11 or 12am. So I took a shower, had breakfast – prepared by Ninuk’s mom. And then I played with Almeera Maureen Putri Wibowo (Ninuk’s daughter). This kid is a cutie for real!! And very active. She is 2 years old now.

She was wearing her mom's jacket!
Like a gangsta!!!

The 1st photos were taken in the morning and the 2nd photos were taken after I got back from a very nice waterfall!!!

A brief description before I tell you about my journey to the waterfall…
Sri Gethuk waterfall is located in Gunung Kidul District. Well, it’s a part of Yogyakarta Province, but it’s still pretty far from where I live.
This waterfall is in one area with a cave – which I forget the name – and a river called Oya River.

To get to this waterfall, you’ll have to ride your vehicle for 1.5 – 2 hours from Yogyakarta. Since I started from Playen (in Gunung Kidul district) and I rode a motorbike, I saved a lot of time. I spent only half an hour on the road. And the rest? Enjoying the scenery and the water…

From Yogyakarta, you’ll have to find your way to Wonosari.
At a Y-junction of Airforce Landing Lane (looked more like a field though), go to the right – finding your way to Playen.
Go straight ahead until you find a T-junction. There’s a market at the junction, as a hint. Go to the right!
And then… Follow the road until a sign shows “Air Terjun Sri Gethuk”. Then, go to the right!
The next step is to follow the big/main road or to look at the signs (like I did!).
At some point, you’ll find the Retribution Point. Buuut! It’s not over yet.
In the retribution point, you’ll stop only to pay for the retribution fee. There’s still more path to take.

Asphalt and Non-asphaltn

Passing the retribution a bit, you’ll see a parking space on the left. If you want to go to the waterfall, DON’T park there! It’s for the visitors of the cave (Yes, there’s a cave there!).
Find a way on your right side instead. There’ll be a small road (non-asphalt) which goes to the waterfall area.
Even if the road is a bit bumpy and rocky…don’t worry, you’re doing it correctly.
Around 1km on this bumpy road, you’ll find yourself in another parking lot. This time, it’s the correct one!


See? There’s a walking path to enter the area of Sri Gethuk. But, you won’t find the waterfall right away. What you will see is Oya River and you have to walk around 200 meters to get to the waterfall. There’s another option though, you can walk for around 20 meters to the raft port, and then go to the waterfall on the raft. You’ll only have to pay IDR 10K!

How about me?
Well.. I chose to walk! Following the first walking path, I arrived to a junction: Raft Rental to the left and no sign for the right turn. I took the right turn because that’s the way for walkers. I followed the path, as I said for 200 meters more or less, until I found the waterfall. Beautiful!




That’s the end of the walk. Where I met the waterfall! It had 5 levels of height.
1st. The river.
2nd. The flat step.
3rd. The rocky step.
4th. The rocky step, pretty flat in some part.
5th. Under the waterfall: shower time!

The 4th level
The 4th level
The 3rd level
The 3rd level!
The 5th level... Almost!

Too bad I didn’t go right under the falling water. The wind – caused by the falling water – blown so hard! I might be thrown away if I insisted to go under the waterfall!

The waterfall was nice, for sure! But it’s closed at 5:15pm. So I couldn’t stay for long…

That’s it gals! I’ll give you the sum up below!

EXPENSE (May 2015)
Gasoline Jogja-Sri Gethuk-Jogja: IDR 20K
Retribution: IDR 2K
Entrance: IDR 5K
Parking fee: IDR 2K
Rest room: IDR 1K
Raft + Safety Vest: IDR 10K

For FnB I didn’t manage to check, so I can’t give you the estimation.

Wear sandals, not shoes! The way there is watery in some part.
Make sure you bring enough money before going there. There’s no ATM.
Cover your phone/camera with plastic/waterproof cover if you want to take pictures of the waterfall.
Bring your own food and drinks if you plan to stay for long.
The road is only for motorbikes and cars. Cancel the bus or truck if you want to go there.

Happy holiday!!




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