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Day 3. Pok Tunggal Beach!

Hello gorgeous…

Here we are, on the 3rd day of my trip to Wonosari!

This morning… I woke up very late (again). It was 12am, more or less. I went to a juice stall nearby and ordered a cappuccino blend. Refreshing!

Finishing 2 cigarettes, I finally decided to take a shower and actually start the day! Anyway, I was still staying at Ninuk’s house and she wasn’t home when I woke up, so… I had to wait for her to go back home before I left the house. I planned to go back to Jogja after going to the destination of the day.

So… Around 3pm, I already had my breakfast/lunch (merged) and I met Ninuk – so I managed to say bye to her and the whole family – which meant that I was available for the next destination: Pok Tunggal Beach!!


Pok Tunggal is located in Wonosari, around Tepus area. It was 35 kilometers away from Playen (Ninuk’s house). Yes, it was a looong loooooong way.

To go there, I followed the sign to Tepus or Sundak or Indrayanti. It was a bit tricky to find this beach, because it wasn’t mentioned on the sign. I had to ask where it was to the local people, to make sure that I was on the right track. And somewhere in the way, I passed the Retribution Gate. I had to pay IDR 20K for 2 person: IDR 19K for the entrance and IDR 2K for insurance.


Riding on the asphalt road, between trees and fields, I felt the excitement already! Yes, the heavy road was waiting for me, but I was pretty sure that the beach would be such a healing medicine for the long awaits and ass-pain.

After I found the sign of Pok Tunggal beach, I had to ride for 2 kilometers, passing non-asphalt road. Good for me, the road was newly renovated, so it wasn’t so bad.

Parking my motorbike, and paying IDR 3K for the parking fee, I released all of the excitement. Yessss! I finally touched the beach sands again!

It was a wide beach, with white sands…
When I entered the water, I could see the corals creating the border of the coast…
The water was blue… Or tosca, suited the color better.

I ordered a hot cappuccino from one of the food stalls surrounding the beach like fences. I lit up one cigarette, sipped my cappuccino, and enjoyed the moment…the air…the scenery…the beauty…

The peaceful moment had to end! I had to show the world that I finally set my foot on Pok Tunggal beach. These are the evidences!!






Take a walk...


Yes, I was trying to fly!!

The skies got dark when I was enjoying the sea waves, which meant that I had to go home! I took a shower there (and paid IDR 3K), packed my stuffs, and rode on the motorbike. Back to Jogja!!!

It wasn’t raining, thank God. And there was no traffic. So… I was pretty lucky today.

I arrived in Jogja save and sound. Bringing dirty clothes for myself and stories for you.

Next agenda: post all photos on FaceBook!!!

By the way, I still have 3 days off. I will spent all of them in a lazy mode. Sleep and eat like a pig!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Gasoline (Jogja-Pok Tunggal-Jogja): IDR 20K
Retribution Fee: IDR 10K (per pax)
Parking Fee: IDR 3K
Coffee: IDR 4K
Mineral Water (Bottled): IDR 3K
Rest Room (Shower): IDR 3K
Rest Room (Pee and “other”): IDR 2K

Apply sun screen cream before jumping to the sea or even touch the beach!
Wear sun glasses.
No sandal nor shoes needed when you set foot on the beach. Better flip flops, easy to take off when you arrive on the beach.
Bring extra clothes.
Bring camera!!

So long,



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