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7 Activities to Kill Time…

1. Playing games on my phones
Now I keep 4 games on my phones, to help me survive the idles… Candy Crush Saga (finally reinstalled this game after a while), Criminal Case (I followed my friend’s lead, she played it first), Brain Wars (this one is awesome! You play online to challenge another player), and Agent Alice (I found it by coincidence and installed it to spend the time while waiting for my energy level in another games filled up).

2. Scrolling through all social medias’ timeline
If I am lucky enough, I will find some good jokes to laugh my ass off! Or finding new gossip!

3. Hanging out in a coffee shop
Enjoy the atmosphere… Enjoy the moment… Enjoy the cafe mocha… And get the privilege of being recognized by the baristas.

4. Music streaming on YouTube
I do it recently, as I have to add more songs on my playlist. I need to be a better singer!!!

5. Watching live music
Other bands’ performances are good to watch, especially in Jogja, where great bands are born! And also, it’s a good way to learn new songs.

6. Shopping
Of course! It’s normal for women to shop. No arguments on this.

7. Watching movies or TV series
I watched less recently… But, when all my works are done and there was no one around, I’d like to enjoy the loneliness in hours of motion images…



I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

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