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Malang, July 13, 2015

Hello gorgeous…

I took another holiday of Ramadan (and Lebaran, of course). And let me tell you something: The whole trip was a mess!

Started from the planning… Over the huge work load at office, I didn’t really have time to buy tickets (or even to remind myself to buy 2 tickets for me and my brother!). Well, finally, when I remember to buy ones, all train tickets were sold out, leaving 2 tickets ONLY for July 18 (July 18 is already the 2nd day of Lebaran, FYI). So… if we go to Malang or Jember on that date, it would be waaaay too late. My Leave will end on the 22nd, so I have to leave Malang/Jember on 21st the latest.

I called my brother, telling him about the tickets left. He suggested to call my elder sister, Mbak Tanti, because she said that she’ll stop by in Jogja. And yeah, I called her. She told me that she would stop by in Jogja on July 11. It was all good! I could go to office on July 10 and left Jogja on 11th.

But… some days later, she told me that her husband changed the plan! Instead of arriving on 11th, they would be in Jogja on 10th to take me and Yuda (my brother) along! No can do, mistress! On July 10 I had an event at office, and I was the organizer. So I couldn’t just go and run away. Finally, I decided to leave Yuda with them. I would stay a bit longer in Jogja and take a bus to Malang instead of joining the herd.

The day after, my sister called me again, saying that they would arrive in Jogja on July 11! So, she insisted that I shouldn’t buy any tickets. Bzzz…

And that’s what happened. I waited for my sister’s arrival in Jogja. From the plan to arrive around 12am, July 11, they arrived later – it was 5:21pm. So they stayed a bit, taking a rest from the long trip. In the evening, I dropped them at Jalan Magelang, to mas Dedi’s aunt’s house (Mas Dedi is my sister’s husband). They went back to my home at night, took another hours of sleeping.

At 3am, Mbak Tanti woke me up, saying that it was time to go. But… Yuda had an appointment with a seller of his computer’s spare part. He bought something on Saturday and when he installed it at home, it didn;t work! So he called the seller to ask for a refund. It made sense to get the refund ASAP. If he waited until after holiday, the seller might refused to give him a refund. Well, the earliest he could meet was at 8am, 5 hours after mbak Tanti woke us up.

So, Yuda asked us to leave him in Jogja, he would get a bus to go to Malang. But… I didn’t have the heart to leave him alone! He knew nothing about Jogja yet – except some streets and places around my house. So I decided to stay also in Jogja.

When I woke up (it was July 12), I went to get my laundry, the carpet laundry, and buy 2 tickets for Malang. I got them, for 7:30pm. So yeah… we managed to pack our bag, went to meet my friends, and left for Malang.

My grandpa and Yuda – my brother

Here I am, in Malang. Arrived very early in the morning: before 5am! Got a taxi to my grandparent’s house. Had some chats, ate our breakfast… Slept around 9am. And woke up around 5pm! Ahahahaha…

My aunt Tiwik has leather shoes business – she offered me these gorgeous red shoes to buy! Well… for free would be good. Ahaha…
The view from the 2nd floor of my grandparent’s house

Since I had some things to do, I had to find an internet cafe. Found one, where I am now. While waiting for my downloads, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to write something in ExtraordinarNee. That’s how you meet me now. 🙂

My holiday is still long ahead. My parents will come here on July 16th. So I have 2 days of doing nothing. Hehehehe…

So long!



I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

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