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Game: Banana Olympics

Materials: Bananas

Time: 30 minutes

How to do it:

Give each group a banana. Have them do a series of races to a destination and back. Variations:

  1. Run with the banana in your armpit to the line and back. Then hand it to your partner.
  2. Run with the banana between your ear and neck (telephone style).
  3. Walk with the banana balanced on your head.
  4. Walk with the banana between your knees.
  5. Crawl with the banana on your back.

When all the members of a team finished doing this activity, the supervisor will raise it’s card for the judges to be able to see who are the first three teams that finished.

The 1st place – 15 points, 2nd place – 10 points, 3rd place – 5 points (the other teams get 2 points)



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