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Game: Digital Scavenger Hunt

Materials: one camera or camera phone per group, list of clues

Time: 25 minutes for scavenging, 10 minutes for points calculation

How to do it:

Give each team the list of items. Explain the clues (for example, “find something that is alive, but not a human”) that the students must take a picture of. Tell the students they have 25 minutes to complete the task. If they don’t return to base within the 25 minutes, they will be disqualified.

They will receive 1 point for each picture that matches the clue.

Digital Scavenger Hunt List

  1. Something that opens and closes
  2. Something that is alive, but not human
  3. Something that changes shape
  4. Something that rolls
  5. Something that has the school name on it
  6. Something other than a room that the entire team will fit into
  7. Something wet other than water
  8. Something round that water will go through
  9. Something soft and round
  10. Something hard and green
  11. Something that makes a sound
  12. Something that is not real
  13. A place to hide things
  14. Something expensive
  15. Something that makes noise


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