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Ho Chi Minh: Crazy Traffic!

My first impression when I first set foot to the streets in Ho Chi Minh City a.k.a. HCMC was… crazy! In Yogyakarta, I found some people who drive carelessly, cutting one’s way in such a bravery that might kill themselves on the way. For HCMC, the careless drivers of Yogyakarta were none of their level!

In HCMC, all drivers rode like crazy! Fast and furious. Even when someone is driving straight and fast, the other cars or motorbikes felt free to cut their way as if it’s normal to do. To cross the street, you don’t have to wait for the vehicles to stop or give you a way. You have to make your own way. Just like Moses!

I wanted to drive on my own actually. But, they drove on the right side, while Indonesia on the left side. So… riding a motorbike in different way in the middle of HCMC’s driving attitude was not actually a good thing to do. I’d prefer to have Linh drove for me. 😀

The helmets of the motorbike drivers were like the ones Yogyakarta had before standard helmet was enforced to wear. I bought a red helmet for myself! It was VND 100,000.

The driving masks were more advanced – with various designs, colors, and patterns.

The short-pants or miniskirts were common. Some women used a cover – which were sold as a part of drivers’ accessories.

The rain coats were niiice! I bought one for myself on my last day for VND 70,000. 🙂

The highest level of driver’s mask! It covers the whole area of the face!
Classical helmet…
Look at the cover… Burberry!
Nice pattern of the cover…
See?? A cute raincoat!
Red star helmet!


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