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My Manager’s Birthday!

Yes! Lydia, my manager in Ho Chi Minh City was having her birthday on October 13th – yesterday. She had the same birthday as Han – the graphic designer of Communication Team South East Asia.

So… the whole team decided to gave a special birthday greeting video for Lydia and Han.

Lydia, Chloe, Sophia, Vy, Dom, and Linh prepared 1 birthday video for Han. It was a compilation of 3 dubsmash videos, edited by Vy.

Linh prepared 1 video for Lydia, using Dubsmash application also.

I prepared 2 videos: 1 for Lydia and 1 for Han. Since I was badly ill the day before, I only had time to create the video during Oct 13th morning, at office. Hehehe…

  1. Han’s video
    – I collected 11 photos of Han from FB
    – I created 2 pages of text to greet her happy birthday using Canva
    – I cropped 13 images using Adobe PhotoShop
    – I made a slideshow of the images using Android application PhotoGrid
    – I sent the video to Vy for uploading
  2. Lydia’s video
    – I created 4 images of birthday greeting using Canva
    – I recorded 3 different videos in 3 meeting rooms: Beach Room, Red Room, and Training Room using my phone
    – I trimmed the video to 11 seconds long using Android application KineMaster
    – I created a slideshow of the previous 3 images using Android application PhotoGrid
    – I mixed 1 image + 1 slideshow + 3 videos into a video collage using Android application Video Collage
    – I added 1 opening image, the audio, and 3 closing images to the video using Windows Movie Maker
    – I sent the video to Vy for uploading

Complicated? Indeed… But it was fun!!!

If you want to check the birthday wishes, check on my FaceBook page HERE. Enjoy the show!



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