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Communicate Well


Words full of anger and dissapointment usually comes out in a wrong way and are taken seriously by the receiver of the message. The pain afterwards are often kept for life, unforgotten…

Indeed, the wrong things or even the right things at the wrong moment are better left unsaid.

I had this moment recently, when the people surrounds me said evil things to other people. Waaay in the past I also had some moments when I regretted being such an ass: yelling and cursing without thinking, more than once.

What happened in the end? Disrespectful behavior from both parties. Flows of more dissapointment, negative judgment, and grunts. It would have been better to keep the offensive words among the inner circle, as long as the issues could be solved in peace – either by the dissapointed party or the dissapointing party. When there was a diplomatic way of solution, why the improper communication should appear in the first place?

Saying evil things about other people is another thing – it’s a part of being a human – although it doesn’t count as a good thing to do. But it’s somehow a better thing to do when you are about to explode. Talk to other people and try to calm down. You might find that it’s the best thing to do, as the words you choose over an anger are not completely true…



I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

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