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7 Colors I Love

Hello gorgeous…

There are 7 colors that I really like. Here they are!

#1. Red
The color of bravery… passion… energy… ambition… and spirit!
This is my top color. My netbook is red. Some of my purses are red. A pile of my clothes are red. Some of my bedsheets are also red. I have 4 pairs of red shoes. My lipsticks are all red. My helmet is red! My Telefunken microphone is red. Yes, I love red!

#2. Green
From a huge range of greens, I think I love them all! You can see some greens in my belongings: tees, bag, dresses, shoes, cigarette packs. Green is peaceful and sweet!

#3. Black
Well, actually it’s my number 2’s favorite.
Deep… strong… dominant…
Where can you find it among my belongings? Bedsheets, tees, dresses, shoes, bags, belts, purses, make-up kit…

#4. Blue
Again, another peaceful color. Some of my skirt, tees, pants, dresses, kitchen utensils, belt, bags are blue. And my current boyfriend loves blue!

#5. Pink
Well, I do not really into all kind of pink. I like the bold ones. The strong pink that will dominate my surroundings only. And as the others, you can find it among my wardrobe collection.

#6. Brown
Sweet as chocolate! That’s what I like. Shoes, bags, belts, pants, dress, tees in brown are super easy to mix with.

#7. White
White on clothes is perfect! Yet… It’s a hard thing to keep the color white. It will turn greyish through time. Sad…



I am a greedy person. I always want to get more, to be more, to gain more. Sometimes I feel like I can't get through my own mind. I couldn't even understand myself. That's why I create ExtraordinarNee. To see through me, and to be seen... :)

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