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Roaster and Bear

If you are in Yogyakarta and in the middle of desperation to find a nice place to eat, Roaster and Bear should be added to your eatery destinations list!

The Location
Roaster and Bear is located in the same complex of Harper Mangkubumi (hotel) by Aston. It’s definitely not so hard to find this place once you enter Jalan Mangkubumi.
To go to this dining place, find Harper Hotel’s main entrance. The front door of Roaster and Bear is on the left side of Harper’s door which is going to the lobby.
Click HERE to spot the location using Google Maps.

The Menu
You can find various foods and beverages here. Say…
– Pasta
– Calzone
– Indonesian Dishes
– Steak
– Bitesize Snacks
– Pastry
– Juice
– Coffee
– Tea
– Soft drinks
– Beer
And more…

Check the menu (dated June 2016)!





The Price
The price is ranged from IDR 12,000 to around IDR 200,000. Don’t forget that you have to add 10% added-value tax to your calculation!
With my eating portion and habit, IDR 100,000 is more than enough to get 1 portion of proper meal and drink.

The Interior
Roaster and Bear consists of 2 floors:
1. Pattiserie and non-smoking area
2. Non-smoking area and balcony for smoking area

There’s a big stuffed-bear on the 1st floor. This bear is one of Roaster and Bear’s center of attraction. A lot of people want to take picture with the bear, including me!



For the 2nd floor, the main attraction for me is the smoking area. And also, it has some nice wall painting/drawing.



Useful For…
+ Who love nice and cute interior design.
+ Who are craving for Erdinger beer and cannot find it anywhere.
+ Who love to take photos.
+ Who love bears!
+ Who need electricity plug per seating blocks
+ Who want free wi-fi connection

Let’s Stalk!
Jalan P. Mangkubumi No.52, Jetis, Gowongan, Jetis, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Operational hours
11.00am – 11pm

Thank you for reading… I hope you like this post and this spot I tell you!



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