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Game: Super Taste

3 participants (blindfolded) have to guess 3 kinds of fruit juice only by sipping the juice using straw.

Materials and Tools

  • Small cups (in the # of juices)
  • Straws (in the # of participants x juices)
  • Blindfolds (in the # of participants)
  • Some variants of juices or other liquids
  • Answer sheet (in the # of participants)
  • Markers/pen (in the # of participants)
  • Prize (in the # of participants)

Step by Step

  1. Prepare 3 cups and pour the juices in each cup.
  2. Prepare 3 red straws, 3 yellow straws and 3 green straws. Put 1 red straw, 1 yelkow straw and 1 green straw in each cup. Red is for participant #1, yellow for participant #2 and green for the 3rd.
  3. Get 3 participants from the audience (appoint randomly or ask for volunteers).
  4. Blindfold each participants.
  5. Bring the 1st juice to participant #1, he/she has to sip it using the straw. And then, move to participant #2 and #3. Remember that you have to help them finding the straw since they are blindfolded.
  6. Get rid of the cups and open the blindfolds.
  7. Give the answer sheets and markers to each participant. Ask the participants to write down the name of the juices, in a correct order.
  8. Check on their answer: ask the participants to hold the answer sheets facing the audience.
  9. The participant with the most correct answers is the winner!


Extraordinarnee_Super Taste_1
See how hard it is to spot the straw without help!
Extraordinarnee_Super Taste_2
MARTINI?? It was Soursop Juice!


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