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Instagram: My Stunning Stuffs

Hello gorgeous,

I tried another Instagram online shop this month, which offered pretty cheap prices for the goods. So… I decided to buy 2 items, against my principal to buy only 1 item for my premiere purchase.

This online shop name is My Stunning Stuffs, you can find the Instagram account HERE.

I bought 2 items: 1 pair of shirt and pants + 1 long dress. The package came within 3-4 days (I picked it up pretty late since I used office address for shipping).

So, yesterday, I have just taken the package from the front desk and opened it at home later in the evening.

I was very disappointed with the pair of shirt and pants. The printing was different compared to the promotional picture. Not only that, the shape is also different.
The quality of the materials were bad (for both the shirt and pants).

The long dress was somehow OK. I will absolutely wear it.
One thing though… the dress was meant to be in size L (fit to L), but the size was actually fit my body (which should be in size S) and the length was not covering all part of my leg…


The Conclusion
Indeed, the actual products are the replica of the promoted product in the photos. But, not all of the stuffs here are in bad quality. And actually, with the low price you can’t complain about the quality.

So, if you are into cheap purchase, it’s okay to buy stuffs from this OL shop, but don’t put your expectations high! Remember that the promoted photos are only samples or guidances for the shop to make the actual products.

My suggestion: Avoid printed clothes because it might lead you to disappointment. Bad printing quality makes the quality look even worse.

Happy shopping!



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