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It’s Slili Beach!

Hello gorgeous,

I’ve never had enough of beach in my life. Even though some people might say that all beaches look the same, I would say, “Hell, no!”

For me, every single beach I’ve been to has their own beauty. The white sands ones, the grey sands ones… they are unique in their own way!

In my previous posts, I mentioned that the white sands beaches are my favorite. In Yogyakarta, I can only find them in Wonosari (so far – maybe I need to travel around Yogyakarta more).

Today, I’ll present to you: Slili Beach! Keep reading to start stalking this beach. 🙂

The Location
It’s in Gunung Kidul, the eastern district of Yogyakarta.

Here’s the address:
Pantai Slili
Jl. Pantai Krakal, Tepus, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Google Maps

From Yogyakarta, find your way to Wonosari (the capital of Gunung Kidul). From there, follow the signs to the beaches (ID: pantai) area.
Pantai Slili (Slili Beach) is located between Sundak Beach and Krakal Beach. These 2 beaches are the ‘seniors’ of Slili, so you might find it easier to ask people around for direction to Sundak or Krakal.

The Features
– White sands!
– Wide area
– Food stalls and restaurant
– Motels and guest house
– Clothes shops (useful for you who forget to bring extra clothes)
– Snorkelling vendors

Not all Wonosari beaches have this feature. So far I knew 2 of them which provide snorkelling activities: Nglambor Beach and Slili Beach.

I paid IDR 75,000 to snorkel in Slili. I was so lucky to find this one vendor because they provide unlimited photo shoots!

All you have to do is give a microSD card to the snorkelling vendor. This guy will put it into his camera and take loads of photos of you or your group when snorkelling. Very great!

I would recommend this beach with 5 stars!


Go there and enjoy the scenery and the snorkelling fun!

Check on these photos and get yourself there!













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