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Hello gorgeous…

In this holiday, my family was managed to visit our root-family in Malang and Banyuwangi with (almost) the whole members. My sister didn’t go home this year as she had to take care of the 3-months-old baby, Lexa. As a replacement, she sent her eldest child (El, a 4-years-old boy) to spend the holiday!

On July 4th, Yuda (my brother, the 3rd kid of Marwi’s family) and I (the 2nd kid) went to Malang. On July 5th, the rest of the pack (mom, dad, Indra – the 4th kid, Ita – the 5th kid, and El – the nephew) came to Malang.

We left Malang, back to Jember, on July 6th. We gave El to my brother-in-law’s parents so that they could take him back to Karawang, where my sister lives.

This year, I had the chance to meet my grandfather, Soekidjan, and some aunts and uncles. I didn’t get to meet the family of Uncle Bambang and Uncle Heru. Too bad…

FYI, the family in Malang comes from my mother’s side.
So… meet Malang’s family!


Now, it’s turn to visit my father’s hometown: Banyuwangi!

My father’s family lives in Glenmore, a district of Banyuwangi. So… we went there on July 7th.

This year, my 2 brothers finally joined the herd to visit Glenmore! Yeay! It was a bit sad that they tended to show less excitement in visiting this part of our family… Indeed, we are not very close to my father’s family, but hey! Family is family, no matter what. It would be very nice to meet everyone in the same heritage line, considering that we only have this kind of moment once in a year.
I would feel very sad if one day when I grow old, I have no one visiting me because my home is not interesting enough or the other part of my family is not as amazing as the other one…

Unfortunately there were not so many relatives coming to my grandmother’s house this year. We only met Uncle Sena and his wife and the whole family of Aunt Nur. 😦

Anyway, the visit was a bang because my brothers and sister joined the group! 🙂

See our family picture (minus the ones who took photos)!


Happy holiday and see you!



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